fix hp printer unexpected configuration problem 0x8007007e

HP Printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem 0x8007007e.

Question:- I have an HP Officejet 3830 printer, when I try to print anything from my Edge or outlook, it shows me a Printer Configuration problem 0X8007007e. I can print other things from the computer like Documents, pictures, etc. But when I give a print command from Edge or Emails it says “your hp printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem 0x8007007e“. I am not sure what is going wrong with this HP Printer. Need help to fix this HP printer configuration problem 0x8007007e.

Why HP Printer is facing an unexpected configuration 0x8007007e problem?

There are many reasons behind this HP Printer configuration error 0X8007007e. One of the main causes of this 0X8007007e error is a corrupted HP printer driver. If you’ve recently installed Windows 10 update, then there is a possibility that some incompatible files might conflict with printer drivers. And due to that reason, the computer is preventing your HP printer from functioning properly. 

Other factors that might cause this configuration error 0X8007007e are:

  • Deleted files associated with the HP printer.
  • Third-party or other malicious software installed.
  • Missing PrintConfig.dll file.

How to Fix HP Printer Configuration Problem 0X8007007e?

  1. Reset your HP printer.
  2. Check for the Latest Windows 10 Update.
  3. Update the Firmware of HP Printer.
  4. Delete Old Registry Entry of Your HP Printer.
  5. Check PrintConfig.dll File in HP Printer Folder.
  6. Delete Junk and Temporary Files.
  7. Clean Re-installation of HP Printer drivers.

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