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(Solved) How to fix HP Smart App Printer Offline error?

Question:- I am using an HP Printer and installed the HP Smart app to set up the printer. It was working fine till yesterday but all of sudden it keep saying my printer is offline. Whenever I try to print any pdf page or word document from my Windows 10 computer, my HP Printer says it’s Offline. I ran the HP Smart app to troubleshoot this issue, however, my HP Smart also says Printer is offline. We tried to uninstall the HP printer drivers many times but after printing one or two pages my HP Printer keeps going offline. If you know how to fix this HP Printer Offline error in windows 10, Please help.

Why does my HP Smart Says Printer Offline?

HP Smart is a printer management app for HP Printers. It helps you to install or set up an HP printer in a couple of steps. HP Smart App can connect any HP Printer with your home or office network wirelessly. You don’t need any username or password to make HP Printer wireless. However, in some cases this HP App shows you a Printer Offline error. This Printer offline error is only possible if you have a poor or loose connection between your Router and HP Printer. 

Printer Offline Problem is very common on Windows 10 or Mac computers. To fix this problem permanently please follow these Easy troubleshooting steps.

Steps to Fix HP Smart Printer Offline

This troubleshooting guide is for Windows 10, 8, and 7 computers only. As you know that the Loose connection is the main reason why your HP Smart app shows you a Printer offline error. So to fix this problem completely we have to follow these steps one by one.

  1. Firstly turn Off your HP Printer.
  2. Secondly Delete the Printer from Devices and Printers.
  3. Uninstall the Printer Drivers from Control Panel.
  4. Press “Windows Key” and Type Spool in search Box.
  5. Select the Printers folder and open it.
  6. Delete all the temp files from windows folder and make it Empty.
  7. Now Turn ON your Printer.
  8. Get the IP address of your printer from Network Configuration page of the printer. (for example or
  9. Go to Control Panel >Devices and Printers and click Add Printer.
  10. Select the option “The Printer I want isn’t listed“.
  11. Choose the option “Add Printer using TCP or IP Address“. 
  12. Type the IP Address of the HP Printer in the box and hit next.
  13. Now windows will select your HP Printer from the Network itself and install the latest drivers automatically.
  14. Now Your HP Printer is successfully installed with IP Address on Windows 10.
  15. Open HP Smart App to check your HP Printer is Back Online.
  16. This will fix the problem and you will never face this HP Smart Printer Offline Problem again.

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